Maryam Demos (Trials)

A note from Outras Fontes

Trial fonts are offered in good faith to help you find the perfect font for your project. They are fully installable font files, able to be used in any software program for testing and composing purposes, making mockups, client presentations, etc. Once your design project is ready, a commercial license must be purchased in one of our resellers, for instance I Love Typography or MyFonts.

The character set in our trials is limited to:

0123 56789.,-:;

OpenType features and extended language support have been removed. Because of the lack of ligatures, it means that some letter connections may not look the same as you see in the full versions of Maryam Regular and Alternate.

Make sure you read the Trial Fonts Licence Agreement

New font releases, exclusive discounts, etc.
Don't worry, it's gonna be probably few times a year or less. 🙂